• About Heart of the CrossHeart of the Cross Publishing – Stories for God’s Glory was born out of a desire to thank God for allowing me an amazing life that is so undeserved.  My heart overflows with gratitude for the multitude of blessings of an amazing marriage, family, and friends in Christ.
  • Ideas for the stories are of course from Him! He inspires me every day whether I have packed away a Christmas toy or just spent time with the preschool kids at my church, or soaked in a sermon from our wonderful Pastor.  God appoints every moment of my day and I hope to clearly recognize when He is sending me His next idea!
  • Multigenerational audiences are the focus of His reach with these stories! From preschoolers and preteens to great-grandparents, I pray your life will be changed by these stories for God’s glory.

The things of this world can sometimes get complex.  Helping our children, the next generation, as well as ourselves nurture a walk with Him is hopefully not something you feel is complex.  You don’t always have to read a book to nurture that walk, even though I sure hope you will read these stories – LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the stories for His Glory!